Cabba // Vegeta & Cabba, Master & Pupil
[XD1-01 ]

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    Set: Assault of the Saiyans
    Era: Universe Survival Saga
    Rarity: Starter Rare
    Game character: Cabba/Vegeta
    Color: Yellow
    Energy color cost: 2(RG)
    Card type: Leader
    Power: 10000
    [Permanent] You can't include non-"Universe 6" Battle Cards in your deck, except for "Vegeta" cards.
    [Auto] When a blue or yellow "Universe 6" card is played in your Battle Area, that card gets +5000 power for the duration of the turn, then choose up to 1 card in your life and add it to your hand.
    [Awaken] When your life is at 4 or less : You may choose up to 2 of your energy, switch them to Active Mode, and flip this card over.

    Vegeta & Cabba, Master & Pupil
    [Permanent] This card gets +5000 power when all of your opponent's energy is in Rest Mode.
    [Auto] When this card attacks, draw 1 card.
    [Auto] When your opponent's Leader Card attacks, if all of your opponent's energy is in Rest Mode, choose up to 2 of your opponent's energy. Cards chosen with this card's skill can't be switched to Active Mode during your opponent's next Charge Phase.
    [Auto] [Once per turn] When one of your card skills switches an opponent's Battle Card or energy to Rest Mode, draw 1 card.

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