Vegeta, Returned from Darkness (Starter Deck - Shenron’s Advent)
[SD7-03 ]

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    Set: Miraculous Revival
    Era: Dark Demon Realm Saga
    Rarity: Starter Rare
    Game character: Vegeta: Xeno
    Color: Black
    Energy color cost: 3(-)
    Card type: Battle
    Power: 19000
    Combo power: 5000
    [Critical] (When this card inflicts damage to your opponent's life, they place that many cards in their Drop Area instead of their hand.)
    [Auto] [Burst 5] (You must place the top 5 cards of your deck in your Drop Area to activate this skill.) When you play this card, if your opponent has 11 or more cards in hand, your opponent chooses cards from their hand and sends them to their Warp until they have 10 cards in hand.

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